For people who are curious to start their own business instead of working for a full-time job, starting an online business is the best option. Online business render distinctive benefits like 

quick registrations, faster workflow as compared to the traditional brick mortar store, connect with different people, larger audience, etc.


A large number of people shop online these days instead of visiting the shops. So this is a great opportunity for those who are willing to start an online business.


Look at the below points to avoid mistakes.



  • Undetermined goals



Without any plans and goals, the chances of failures are the most. Once you are determined to start an online business, you need to have a plan – a business plan to be more precise. Once you have the goals and objectives in front of you, you can set up strategies to reach those goals. Without a goal, this path will lead to nowhere. And ask yourself once, are you really passionate about this or not?


Having a business plan is a lucrative way to start any business. Prepare a business plan blueprint and include the below aspects:


  • Products and services to offer
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Competition
  • Financial Calculation
  • Production Plans



There may be so many other aspects depending upon the business domain, these objectives may also evolve with time. Defining the business plan will help you identify possible issues. 


We all are aware of Paytm – the first-ever mobile commerce app. Without business planning and goals, such a huge platform could not be made. They have even thought about the future processes to maintain the authority – Paytm kyc which enables us to know about the customer.



  • Expecting too much in a small period of time 



People expect too much in a small period of time. People start a business because they are passionate about it.  It requires huge dedication and investment. So you cannot simply start a business. It won’t make profits in the first few years.  Do not think it is easy to earn profits on the internet by simply starting an online business, it is much more than that. Work hard and be prepared for whatever comes. Amazon started in 1994, but it did not make any profits until 2003. Just think about it.


There are many small business ideas which are coming in the people’s mind. But which one will suit them is a major thing for consideration. You should have business goals when approaching any task in your business. The tasks must be implemented in a timely manner and observations must be noted for your promotion and advertising campaigns. So, It is always good to believe in your work and things will take time to upscale your business.



  • Underestimating the business



Be proud of your business and believe in yourself. Do not get yourself lost in the process of achieving success. You will have to maintain a work-life balance. Do not worry about the time, invest your time in multitasking, let new ideas come to you.  You have put so much effort into turning your dreams into reality through this business. Starting with gst registration – which is mandatory to start an online business, sourcing products, marketing and so much more, so you cannot simply underestimate your business.


At some point in time we all underestimate our skills and businesses, but do not make this mistake, be proud and confident about yourself.



  • Not taking Customer Service seriously



All business transactions are likely to occur online for any online business.  So once you have provided good experience to the customer, they will definitely come back.  Add ways to interact with the customers by adding chatbots, live chat, customer service email, or customer service numbers. 


Make these channels available 24*7, so that customers can reach out at any hour.

This should have a minimal customer wait time. Do not let the customer wait for long hours to get to you. There are chances of losing customers if your response time is more.


So if you are planning to not take customer service seriously then you are in huge trouble. Once customers start to make transactions from your site, they might face some issues and try to contact you. If they do not receive proper attention, you may lose them.



  • Letting go of negative feedback



All of us have this habit of reviving about the product or service before ordering it.  You will be in awe that 88% of the customers trust online reviews. So if you have launched a new online business, do focus on the reviews and feedback, especially the negative ones. Also, get back to the customers with the negative feedback, this will help you to know your customers better and improve based upon the feedback. 


Always reply to the feedback, even if it is very rude, reply in a polite manner. Use this negative feedback to become better. Conduct surveys and ratings to know more so that the consumers know that you value their response.



  • Undefined Target Audience


The main objective before starting an online business is to find who can be the best customer for your online business. You may think everyone can be your customer or potential customer, but the point here is that not everyone can be your customer. Every business cannot fulfill entirely the needs of every customer out there, which is totally fine. 


If your target audience is not defined, you pass over the chance to interact and market directly to them. If you have a target audience, your online business will perform well at odds with the competitors.


Identify your audience and get insights into how you can include them in the business plan.



  • Improper Content Management



Everything is available online these days. Whenever a user searches, what is the probability that your business web page will appear first? For that, proper content management and SEO are important. You cannot simply avoid this at any cost. Search Engine Optimization ranks each of the web pages based upon the keywords. Quality content is an asset. If you are a blogger or a business/service provider, invest hugely in SEO. Because if there is no traffic on your website, the online business is of no use.


Let’s say your topic is – GST state code, it should cover all the aspects which answer all the questions of the audience.


People tend to read more who are focused on providing value through their content. So try to give out and provide value to the customer with your content. You can also look out for SEO companies to boost your rank if it is not your forte.



  • Dismissing Competitors



There are so many businesses still following the traditional brick and mortar stores. They are not aware of the competition – online business. Study about the competitors, it is very important to know, in order to beat them. Few of the parameters :

Compare the Quality of their products with yours

Compare the Price of their products with yours

What are their marketing strategies?

What are they good at? What are they not good at?


Identify your competitors – what are their strengths and weaknesses, it will help you to improvise in your business. Think of how you can satisfy the customers in a unique yet simple way.



  • Not planning about the failures


Everyone is inclined towards the thoughts of success. Dream big, but sometimes just dreaming is not enough. You have to put in efforts to make the dreams come true. It is not bad to dream about success, but at the same time be prepared for failures too. Have Plan B, which is to be implemented when things do not fall in the right place as per the business plan.



  • Not understanding the market



Having a deep understanding of the market is essential to start an online business. If you fail to understand, your business plan will collapse. To understand the market, the products or services to be offered, offer test products before putting them live, and much more. Perhaps, before starting do a deep market research analysis.


In Business You Need To Strike While The Iron Is Hot

This entry is a kind contribution from Mohit Sharma.


Working while travelling is like mixing work from home with traditional working. You are travelling, that you do when you are in a traditional job and you can work according to your will and at the time that is suitable for you.

The COVID-19 situation made us realize that we can work as efficiently from home as we work at our offices. So, if you have the will and dedication, you can definitely balance your online business while travelling full time. Imagine, the efforts that you put in your project, you can start ecommerce business of yours with these efforts.

If you are a travel lover or a travel freak, this is the best option for you. If you think that daily commute to your work and sitting the whole day at the office is not what you want, you should try an online business, but it comes with its own consequences.

Imagine that you are at a beach surfing and raving, when will you work? Will you look after your business? Will you keep it closed? You should understand that all the travelling will cost you and unless you are extremely rich, you cannot afford to skip business. Well, no one wants to work with someone who is irregular and cannot stick to their commitments.

Let’s say you want to work, but will you be able to work when people around you are forcing you to come to their festival? These are some things that you should consider. You are doing online business because you want to travel the world and enjoy life, but the business will need a commitment from your side and some sacrifices. You have to provide it time, no matter what the situation is or else your business will start making zero profits and your dream of travelling the world will come to its end.

We are talking about a new type of struggle here. You will have to face different situations while you still have to stick to your project planning. It will totally go south of what you imagine it to be. It will not be as easy as sipping margaritas on a beach and working. There will be issues like wifi failures, client frustrations, passport dramas, time zone cope up, etc. and among all this, you have to keep working. Nothing is free, right? You have to pay for all this travelling by going through the extra struggle.

But, nevertheless, the life cycle that we know consists of grinding ourselves in the juicer of a job where we have to work as anything. We are told that this is life and we should get used to it. But why should we adjust to their definition of life? We will live and work together. There is a struggle and so here is also struggle, but at least by choosing this road that is less taken, you can fulfil your dreams and you will be happy to your soul.

Here is a good fact for you: according to a study conducted by Upwork, 60% of freelancers who left traditional employment now earn more. Of those, 78% indicated they earned more freelancing within a year or less.

You just need some tips and some discipline to conquer this. So, here are some tips that will help you in efficiently balancing your online business while travelling full time:

1.   Maintain a schedule:

It is less about maintaining a schedule and more about knowing the right time to do the right thing. In this tip, you have to understand your project scope and you have to act accordingly.

Proper work can be done only if everything is scheduled earlier. Imagine going to Disneyland without a proper plan. This will just leave you with a not so good or fulfilled experience. You have to dedicate certain hours of your day to your work and you have to commit to your meetings according to your schedule. Sometimes you may work at night and sometimes in the morning or evening, therefore you have to schedule your work accordingly.

Using your phone or Laptop as soon as you wake up is not a good idea. Relax a little bit, meditate or workout and then you are good to work. Just remember, your business is your sole way of earning and therefore you cannot miss a single day. Become your own boss and give yourself no leaves. You can work less on days that you don’t feel well or like working, but no holidays or you will become habitual to it.

You will have to adjust to both the sides, if you are a Flipkart Seller or Snapdeal Seller you will have to think about your orders at the same time, you can enjoy being at the beach! So it is all about balance.

2.   Travel slower and smarter:

You are your own boss, you can stay at a place for as much time as you wish, so what’s the hurry?

Travelling hurriedly can lead to some serious burnouts and then you won’t be able to enjoy your travelling. You are not travelling only for roaming at a new land, you have to work also. Therefore, plan your stay accordingly. The schedule should let you travel as well as complete your work. You should get proper rest and then only you should go somewhere else.

You cannot enjoy or work when you are exhausted, therefore, don’t be a hurried baby and provide yourself with enough time.

A friend of mine is a Shopclues Seller and I am fascinated by how he manages work and travelling at the same time!

3.   Take a day off from the road:

As the name of this blog suggests, it is about balancing your travelling and your online business. There will be days when you are on the road with no network or you are on a plane for the whole day. This means that you won’t be able to work for the whole day.

An eye for an eye, therefore a day for a day. If you miss a day and you do no work , you have to dedicate the next day to your work. This will help you to catch up on things and will give you time to think about how you can grow your business.

You can use that time in doing something that you love, I love blogging so I will use that time in writing up my blogs such as how to use paytm or sell on amazon, or how to become a Paytm Seller.

You can either enjoy or you can work. In order to grow your business, you have to come up with some ideas and this is possible only if you are fully focused. Therefore I suggest you dedicate a day per week to just work and you should think about expanding and growing your business.

4.   Learn the importance of “NO”:

There are two types of “NO” that you must learn.

The first is to say no to things that will not add up any value to your business. You should learn to say no to interviews, guest posts, phone calls and the like, which add zero value to your business. When you are working and travelling, each second matters to you and if you waste it, you are simply causing an effect to your fun.

The next no is for the people that you meet while travelling. You should learn to say no to their plans as you should understand that they are here for vacation and they will travel the whole day and on the other hand, you cannot do the same. If their request will have consequences for your work, say no.

5.   Outsource some work:

You should simply outsource all the work that you do not enjoy doing. This will eliminate the element that holds you back from enjoying work and it will give an extra hand as well.

This will free up your time and you can enjoy and travel more, without any tension. It is advisable that you should focus on more important work and on your genius and you should outsource the work that you don’t love.

Whether work should be outsourced or not depends on 2 things. Time and money. Consider both the factors and then decide whether you should outsource the work or not.

Author Bio:

Mohit is an ECommerce Enthusiast and Owner of MohitECommerce. He is Working With Many Vendors in Different Categories of Products Across Various Marketplaces. He is Very Good at Amazon Seller Training, Amazon FBA, Amazon Seller Registration, Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon Account Suspended (Making Plan of Action). He Likes To Help All Type of Businesses Mainly Small and Medium Businesses Which are eager to Step in Online Business.


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